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Psychological Tricks Of Taj Mahal - That is why You Love This

Psychological Tricks Of Taj Mahal

Psychological Tricks Of Taj Mahal


 Hey guys, today let's take a look at why TajMahal is loved so much by everyone. In this video, I am going to show you a seriesof tricks and illusions used by the architects to make you fall in love with this amazingstructure. The absolute first time you take a gander at Taj Mahal,it will basically knock your socks off. This is because the builders use an opticalillusion to trick your mind. At the point when you initially enter through the principle entrance,you see the Taj Mahal through a curve and everything else is dull around it. 

This makes your eyes center completely around Taj Mahal,and the excellence of Taj Mahal totally overwhelms you.

 But the illusion gets even better, if youwalk towards the Taj Mahal, it will become smaller and smaller. And if you step back and walk away from theTaj Mahal, it will appear to get bigger and bigger. This is a fascinating illusion, but this isjust the beginning.


 Let's take a closer look at the Taj Mahaland you begin to see columns which are made of many sides. Let's examine this column - you can see thatit has a total of 6 sides with zigzag lines painted all over it. But does it really have of 6 sides? If you examine this closely you will figureout that these are not 2 sides, but one, this is a flat piece. The entire column consists of just 4 sides,but the lines are painted in such a way that it appears to have more sides. An actual optical illusion, to trick yourbrain into thinking that the structure is more complex that it actually is. Even if you zoom in completely, and look atit for several minutes, you don't understand this unless you feel the sides, this is noteasy to understand. But look at these lines carefully and youcan see something very interesting. These are not painted, they are stones embeddedon top of white marble. In fact, there is not even a trace of painton Taj Mahal, all these designs, these flowers and even the writings all over the walls aremade of made of precious and semi-precious stones which are carefully glued on top ofwhite marble. And these stones have a weird property. They gleam when light shines on it. If you take a flash light, and shine it onthese stones, they will glow like light bulbs.

 I have shown you the secret view into thebathroom of Queen Mumtaj, which uses mirrors instead of stones and the visual effect isamazing. The Taj Mahal employs stones of various colorsand this creates a gleaming effect on these designs, during sunlight and even moonlight. This makes visitors wonder why certain paintingsare glowing on Taj Mahal which is made completely out of white marble.

 But is the Taj Mahal made completely out of white marble?

 Actually it is not, if you look at the aerialview, it shows that red sandstone has been used on the top. But this is not visible for anyone who ison the ground. The Taj Mahal doesn't look that impressivewhen you see it from the air, on account of the red sandstone which is local to the land,but the designers realized that individuals

 A clever architectural trick, which makesyou think that the Taj Mahal is made completely out of white marble. The white marble structure has some peculiarproperties. Like a Chameleon, it changes color accordingto the time of the day. It glances somewhat pinkish in the morning,and takes on a bizarre straightforward shade on foggy days, seems white all through the day,and glances brilliant in moon light. This is one of the reasons why Taj Mahal isrevisited by many tourists, it gets more than 7 million visitors every year. 

Now, let's take a look at the stone inlayshere - Here you can see this yellow branch going under the dark green one and comingout on top. These are individual yellow stones placedaround the dark green stone. Everything is set at the same level on whitemarble, nothing goes underneath or over anything. Not just the flowers, leaves and fruits, buteven these curvy stems are semi-precious stones, cut and placed, with such precision that youdon't see any joints at all. This is the Brilliance behind this artworkto makes it look realistic. Let me zoom in here, and if you observe carefully,you can see something depressing. There are 2 flowers missing here. These were originally made of diamonds, andwere plucked out by British soldiers in 1857.

 The remaining stones are semi-precious,this is why they haven't touched them. Even today, people attempt to steal what'sleft over from Taj Mahal and other such monuments. Here you can see that people have recentlytaken these red stones out. But there are designs made completely outof white marble, which are also mind boggling. This is just one piece of stone showing afloral design. But if you start looking at these designscarefully and you begin to see many hidden figures. Intertwined snakes, an ancient symbol. A Scorpion, A butterfly and many other animalsstart to come out. And here is a giant block of white marbleand see how they have made so many hexagonal designs out of it. Inside the Taj Mahal these designs get evenmore complicated, and make you wonder how they were created. So, you can see how a series of optical illusionsand design techniques can make you fall in love with the Taj Mahal.

 These are the reasons why it was declaredas one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, it got more than 100 million votes. I am Praveen Mohan, I hope you liked thisvideo, and please watch the other video which shows the secret underground zone of Taj Mahal. Thanks a lot for watching, don't forget tosubscribe and also click on the bell button to get all the updates. 


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