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Strange and mysterious Things happening Under Sea

 Strange and mysterious Things happening Under Sea

Strange and mysterious Things happening Under Sea

 From mysterious ocean sounds to an icy fingerof death, here are 10 strange things happening in the ocean!!!

No. 10. Undersea Rivers It’s easy to look at the ocean and see itas a large mass of water, without many of the features that we see on dry land. Butthe ocean is full of surprises!! Researchers discovered in the 1980s that things weren’tquite as simple as that, when technology allowed them to map the ocean’s floor for the firsttime. Stretching away from the coast of Californiais a geological formation that has all the features of a river system.

 Two miles beneaththe Pacific Ocean, is a deep canyon, which leads into a valley that stretched for 200miles before spilling out onto the abyssal plain of the ocean. Channels like this have been discovered allover the world, with some running for thousands of miles and comparable in size to the longestrivers on land. They have banks along their sides, tributaries that feed into them, theytake meandering paths, and can even form oxbow lakes.

 Perhaps the most curious thing aboutthese river formations is the fact that they aren’t as a result of the flow of waterbut, instead, by slurries of silt and sand that cascade along the channels and erodethe seabed along the way. This torrent is similar to the Colorado River that carvedout the grand canyon! These undersea rivers are some of the leastunderstood phenomena on the planet!!

No. 9. Crop Circles Crop circles can be creepy. Whether you believecrop circles in farmers’ fields are a result of alien activity or just some artistic people,similar crop circles were found under the water. Researchers were scratching their headsas to how they were being formed. They were first discovered in 1995 off the coast ofJapan, and soon a large number of them had been found in the surrounding waters. Theseconcentric circles are meticulously designed, and surely couldn’t have been caused byocean currents. After a great deal of observation, the truereason was found- it’s all the result of Pufferfish love! Biologists discovered a newspecies of pufferfish! The patterns were being formed by the males of the species to attractfemales. The small 5-inch fish would flap their fins as they swam along the sea floorin little circles, and disrupt the sediment to make the patterns. Scientists were verysurprised that something so small could make something so big!! They were expecting a muchbigger fish! Sometimes these underwater crop circles can be up to 7 feet in diameter!

 Thesegeometric patterns are extremely unique. The male will even decorate the ridges with bitsof shell and different color sediment to make it more beautiful! It takes this puffer fishbetween 7-9 days to complete the circle!! Once complete, the females inspect the circles.If they are impressed, then you can imagine what happens. If not, they move on to finda more worthy mate. And now for number 8, but first if you arenew here welcome! And be sure to subscribe before you leave!! For you returning subs,glad to see you again! A mysterious sound is coming up!

No. 8. Hydrothermal Vents In 1977, a team of researchers set off toinvestigate a temperature anomaly that had been discovered to the northeast of the GalapagosIslands, and what they found changed our understanding of the underwater environment. At more than 8000 feet (2550 m) below thesurface, they were the first to discover a hydrothermal vent. These are structures thatcan project up from the seafloor to the height of a 10 storey building! Like an underwatervolcano!! What’s strange, and incredible, is that the water they shoot out from theEarth’s crust comes out at over 350° Celsius (662° Fahrenheit) without boiling! Even moreamazing is the amount of life that they sustain so deep down in the ocean. Also known as black smokers, huge plumes ofblack, superheated and mineral rich water shoots out of these chimneys. Despite thescorching temperatures, life thrives here. Deep sea chemosynthetic bacteria create energyfrom the chemicals being released, and they act as a food source for larger organisms.So intertwined is this ecosystem, that some tube worms have evolved without a gut- relyingsolely on the bacteria as an energy source. These tube worms live inside the chimneys,and can grow to as long as six and a half feet (2 meters)!

No. 7. Red Tide A red tide can occur in virtually every coastalregion in the world. In fact, it has been reported in every US state with a shoreline,and incidences are thought to be on the rise. The official name for this is a Harmful AlgalBloom, or HAB, and it happens when colonies of algae grow out of control. Normally thesesimple plants are harmless, but when they form like this, they can become toxic to people,birds, and marine life. They also poison the animals that swim in the area so it is verydangerous to eat them. Earlier this month the worst red tide in over 10 years has lefthundred of animals dead on Florida beaches. This is just a fraction of those that diein the ocean and sink to the bottom so we can’t know the extent of the damage. It is also dangerous for humans. It can makeit very difficult to breathe, and cause respiratory problems even after you leave the beach.

 Contaminatedwater can cause rashes and whenever gulped, can even reason liver disappointment.Not every HAB becomes toxic, as it dependson which species of algae is flourishing, but even the harmless ones can have a detrimentalimpact. As they die and decompose, the oxygen in the water becomes depleted, which causesmass fatalities of fish that rely on it. The recent algal blooms in Florida are toxicand very dangerous. 

No. 6. The Julia Sound There’s a lot we don’t understand aboutthe underwater world, especially certain noises that can be difficult to explain. One suchnoise is known as the ‘Julia’ sound, and was recorded on March 1st 1999. This low whiningwas so loud that it could be heard across the entire equatorial Pacific ocean autonomoushydrophone array.

 What is this? Listen closely!!The sound lasted for about 15 seconds, and researchers weren’t sure, at first, whatcould cause such a loud noise.

 Was it a previously undiscovered creature? Or maybe a weaponstest or accident?

 Was someone calling for Julia underwater??

 The real cause was finally determined and,while maybe not as exciting as some of the initial suggestions, it shows just how powerfulevents on our planet can be. It’s now thought that the Julia sound was a result of an icebergthat had broken free from Antarctica, and run aground in one of the shallow seas offthe coast.These events actually happen quite often, and there have been a number of otherstrange noises that have also been attributed to icebergs….Or so they say...

No. 5. Black Holes When you think of a black hole, you probablythink of outer space, but now, scientists have discovered that black holes are closerthan you think. Black holes can suck up matter from anythingaround them and nothing can escape, not even sound or light. Researchers from Miami and Switzerland arguethat an ocean eddy, also known a a maelstrom, acts the same as a black hole but insteadof not allowing light to escape, it doesn’t allow water to escape. These maelstroms can grow to be larger thancities and wind up many billions of tonnes of ocean water, and nothing can escape onceit has become trapped.

 These phenomenon are being discovered more and more, and some havebeen found to be so powerful, that not even a single drop of water has escaped in morethan a year! They follow the same mathematical principles of their outer space relatives,and are now thought to be an important way in which organisms and nutrients are carriedaround the oceans. Eventually the maelstroms lose their energy, and everything they containis deposited wherever they end up.

No. 4. Fairy Circles When tourists and researchers started noticingstrange bald patches in the seagrass meadows of the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, theywere stumped as to what might be causing them. They were perfect rings with no vegetation.Affectionately known as ‘fairy circles’, they are clearly observable from overheadimages of the deep blue ocean and, in some cases, from shore. Unfortunately it was soon discovered thatthese weren’t being formed by magical creatures. At first scientists thought it was causedby bomb explosions leftover from the wars. But enough time had passed where the grassshould have grown back by now. Instead the rings are caused by pollutionand temperature changes.

  With so much of the local ecosystems relyingon the meadows, it’s not known yet how much of an effect this increasingly common occurrencewill have on the local populations. But entire ecosystems are at risk of extinction and theconsequences could be dire.

No. 3. Internal Waves We’ve all seen images of giant waves onthe ocean’s surface, but did you know that the largest waves of all are hidden out ofview, deep below what we can see? Known as internal waves, the biggest are found in theLuzon Strait of the South China sea, and can reach up to 550 feet (167 m) tall. Locatedbetween Taiwan and the Philippines, these internal waves sound pretty strange!Fortunately, these swells don’t really affect shipping routes above, but understanding howthey work is crucial for scientists to understand the internal processes of the ocean. It’sthought that these waves push large quantities of heat, salt, and nutrients throughout theocean. They happen around the world, but are particularlylarge in this region because of the unique topography of the seabed. The spacing betweentwo submerged ridges is perfect for creating massive waves, where currents push the cold,heavy water across and first form a standing wave, that grows into the much larger internalwaves. Studies on these processes have suggested that they are one of the main ways in whichwarm water from the surface is pulled down into the depths, and one of the most effectiveways in which the ocean’s temperature is maintained. It could also be critical in understandingthe global climate.

No. 2. Bioluminescence One of the most beautiful things you’llever see in the sea is bioluminescence. It can be caused by a wide variety of creaturessuch as bacteria, plankton, worms, snails, fish, jellyfish, and even sharks! In the Hawaiian islands you can go snorkellingwith glowing bobtail squid, or in Puerto Rico you can kayak over a sparkling blue oceanthat’s lit up at night by glow in the dark organisms called dinoflagellates. There aresimilar sights to be seen in New Zealand, the Maldives, and many, many other places-all of which are caused by different creatures, and create a completely unique experience. Scientists don’t really know why naturecreated bioluminescence but there are a number of theories. It’s caused by the presenceof a chemical called luciferin. For many it’s to do with navigating in dark waters, to attractprey, or as a defence against potential predators. It’s also maybe used as a form of communication,or as camouflage. Some events only occur during certain stages of the moon’s cycle, whichrelate to the breeding habits of some crustaceans. There is more going on than we know!!

No. 1. The Icy Finger of Death The Icy Finger of Death is undoubtedly thestrangest thing that happens in the ocean, and potentially one of the most deadly. It’sa phenomenon that’s only recently been discovered happening beneath icebergs, and has fatalconsequences for any slow-moving animal caught in its path. Also known as a “brinicle”, it happensbecause of the way water moves through the ice. Salt water has a lower freezing point,so it trickles through the otherwise solid ice, before being ejected out the bottom.At this point, the brine/salt water is colder than freezing point, and much denser thanthe ocean water, so it sinks straight towards the bottom. As it’s so cold, it immediatelyfreezes the water it comes into contact with, and forms an icy sheath around itself. This icy finger is very delicate, becauseit’s hollow on the inside, but the most fascinating thing is what happens when thecold water reaches the sea bed. Here, the effect branches out, and instantly freezesanything that it comes into contact with- even sea stars, crabs, and urchins.


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