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Why Is India Great?

 Why Is India Great?

Why Is India Great?

Bharat/Hindustan/India Why is this country great? Why? Why is India Great? 

Because by year 2022 we will destroy China's population 1.4 billion or uneven social stratification ? Or is it because of our system political issues terrorism poverty inequality , illiteracy Right ! No Not at all Whole world is a family ‌"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" It's the story of our country with such a great culture and civilisation which is a throbbing part in the heart of all of us We are residents of that country where there is a system even in chaos And where our Mangalyaan is way cheaper than Hollywood movie Gravity.

 India is the first nation to arrive at Mars in quite a while first endeavor.and after Chandrayaan 2, India will be the first country to step on the moon's south pole. There was a day in 1963 when our first rocket was brought on a bicycle and today our Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is one of the successful space organisations of the world.

 India In sports

It's because one can only guess strength not courage. when it comes to sports, along with courage you'll find passion along with madness. Because India has won all the World Cups of Kabaddi. Mary Kom is the first female fighter to win 6 gold award in big showdown. The golden girl to win 6 gold medals in 21 days - Hima Das. Pankaj Advani is the only player in the world to win world titles in all formats of snooker and billiards. And this is just a trailer the picture is still pending. Because there are so many world records of cricket that will continue to resonate in this world until time. There is no nation more differing than India It's a country of colours, where every day is a festival. Our art, culture and civilisation are so prosperous that 5000 years ago when most of the civilisations in the world were leading nomadic lives, Indus Valley was then the pinnacle of progress in India.

Indus Valley Civilization

 The Rigveda is the oldest written text in the world. Indian civilisation and the Vedas dates back to several thousand years, from point to zero to number system to navigation to calendar to dance and singing and instruments along with all arts as well as spirituality astronomy, literature, science, engineering, construction, mathematics, agriculture, business, constitution of natural law, medical science as well as space science, India has given written knowledge of all of these. The oldest cities in the world are in India.

Golden Temple India

 The golden temple is the most visited religious place in the world where about one lakh people are fed food on daily basis with reverence, rising above the limits of caste ,religion, race or age. t's a country where there are more than 3 lakh mosques. Kumbh Mela is the largest gathering of human history. It's a pilgrimage of more than 15 crore people simultaneously, which can be witnessed from the space. Here you will find the thoughts of Buddha which gives peace of mind.

 you will find the Prayers of Jesus Waheguru's Ardaas. India is a place where you'll find both Raheem's Kheer and Rama's Prasad. This beautiful glimpse of unity in diversity can hardly be seen elsewhere in the world. Agreed, that you will be cheated here along with trust, everywhere there are long queues.

 You will even find security warnings in petrol pumps "The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited" And just next to it you will find written "Paytm Karo" As a matter of fact, India invented posting shit on the walls long before Facebook. Actually life is worth here not meaningless. Moreover, 75% of the world's tigers are found in India. And also the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, whose biggest statue in the world was built on the island of Narmada river The Statue of Unity. World's Largest School, Highest Cricket Ground, Floating Post Office, Anti Gravity Hills, The World's Cheapest Cars, World's Largest Rail Bridge, World's First Hospital Train.

 By train i remember something here's a victory in front of fear and there is seat in front of Dadar. Because in India, the number of people traveling on railways every day is equivalent to Australia's population. More than half, less than whole, we Indians are the only one in millions. India's twin sisters Tashi and Nungshi Malik, who, at the age of 23, have entered the Guinness Book of World Records by conquering Mount Everest, including the mountain ranges of the world's seven continents. Jyoti Amge is the shortest woman on earth infact, out of all the gold in the world, 11% of the gold is with Indian women. India has the biggest number of female pilots on the planet.

 Every Indian mother is a doctor without any MBBS degree. And we have recognised the 3rd Gender, everyone is guaranteed their rights in our country. And some things seem unnecessarily good, such as Indian Cuisine. In which there is a temper of traditions, taste of diversities. Sour, sweet, Spicy, every flavour is wonderful. India, the world's largest producer of spices, where 25% of the world's pulses are produced. And everyone has the same opinion that Masala Tea is the world's best thing. this is not an anecdote, it's a Story that whole world needs to hear The business Tycoon, Mukesh Dheeru Bhai Ambani is the richest individual in Asia and 18th wealthiest person in the world.

Indians Are Top Company CEOs

 Laxmi Niwas Mittal, the King of Steel. Ratan Nawal Tata, owner of Jaguar, Land Rover and The Tata Group. The CEO of Google, Master-card, Microsoft, Adobe, Pepsico and many more are Indians. "Ab jeena yaha aur marna yaha, iske siwa ab jana kaha"(lines From Old Hindi Song) Cinema here is magic, it's addiction, it's madness, it's love and it's a therapy. Indian film industry is the largest film producing industry in the whole world. And now big Hollywood media companies like 21st Century Fox, Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney are investing in Bollywood. Now such small things keep happening in big countries. Because Shahrukh Khan, is the richest actor on this Planet.

 Amazon Prime Video is the cheapest in India amongst all other nations. Microprocessor Pentium Chip, Optic fibres and Radio wireless communications to the world's smallest satellite - India has invented this all. From Spinning wheel to Cotton cultivation, Diamond and Zinc mining o Fibonacci number, Binary codes and even the ruler is given by that country where caste, religion, language, dialect , everything is different still everyone is respected. From east to west all of India is one. Although having the world's fastest supersonic cruise missile BrahMos and Thorium Base Nuclear Power,India has never invaded any country in its history. That history is India India is the world's fastest growing economy, where the world's largest part of the population is its youth. India is a red colour running in the veins of its people.

World's largest democracy

 World's largest democracy, where angels don't just live in the sky, they are the Indian soldiers protecting the land of India. They are the people who protect the country at the border even in cold temperatures of -53 degrees Celsius to 52.4 degrees of heat and die smiling for their motherland. That solider is India. A country where the country is considered as a mother -Mother India. We are proud to be Indians and That is Why , India Is Great. And if your heart starts beating with all these things, then definitely share this with your colleagues. I salute you, Mother 


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