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  hi welcome to jivayogalive my name isCharlie and in this video I would like to talk to you about these psychologicalbenefits of yoga and there are so many everybody knows about the physical sidesof yoga but let's get into what's going on in this mental battlefield almostthat we have and how yoga can really benefit you so we're going to go throughfive all right number one yoga is good for anxiety and I'll tell you why andthat is because when you practice yoga the aim is to really come into thispresent moment and we do that by focusing on our breath or we do it byfocusing on the posture that were in and so when we are spending time in thepresent moment we are coming away from this future that does not exist and thisis when we feel anxiety when we start getting overwhelmed about what is tocome the unknown we start to create these mental stories about this thisfuture that literally is not even real and so when we do yoga we come well awayfrom that and this takes me to our second benefit and that is yoga is goodfor depression and so unlike anxiety where you're living in this futuredepression you're usually living in the past you might be sad about somethingthat's been and gone you might be missing someone and so like anxietydepression even though that on different ends of the spectrum it's the samesituation we have going on the yoga is going to bring you out of these placesthat are only real in this illusory mind and so it brings you into this presentmoment and we let all of that go so anxiety and depression both of thesethings yoga is amazing for the third benefit we're going to cover is how yogais good for the relationship that you have with yourself and so when you'remaking time to get onto your mat every day if you can but even just wheneveryou can you're letting your body know at a subconscious level that you are worthyof self-love because when you're practicing yoga you're basicallypracticing self-love you're getting in tune with your breath and your body andyou're giving yourself space the four corners of your mat andit's just for you and yourself and so you really start to become aware of thebody the mind starts are quieting down and you're just developing this reallypositive relationship with your own being and that is amazing you start tobecome more patient with yourself you become more relaxed especially when itcomes to things like trying to get into peak poses or one day your balance mightnot be as good as it was the day before and instead of beating yourself upyou're just you have this patience and compassion for yourself and this takesme to our fourth benefit which is the relationship you have with others sowhen you're practicing yoga and you're developing this amazing relationshipwith yourself you're becoming more patient you're becoming morecompassionate and all this is going on on the mat this starts to ripple outinto the rest of your life and into your relationship with others you start tobecome more patient with others you start to be less triggered by others sowith your family with your friends these little things they do that maybe onceupon a time before your yoga days might have set something off in you you'reable to just come back to your breath and breathe again back to that presentmoment and you can just let things go a lot easier so you have this amazingrelationship developing not only with yourself but with other people andpeople you'll thank yourself and your friends will thank you for it and thenthat leaves me with our fifth benefit a little bonus and that is honing theskills of memory and concentration so basically in yoga we are focusing oncultivating this what we call Dharana and that is single point of focus and wedo this often when we're in a posture by focusing on a diversity point and thathelps us to keep our balance so if we're in a standing balancing pose we'll findone single point we'll focus on that and that just helps us stay in the pose forlonger and so while we're cultivating that on the mat again it's gonna rippleout into the rest of your life so your meditations are going to be betterbecause you're better able to concentrate on the breath on the bodyand you'll notice these kind of benefits in any kind of work that you're doingany kind of study just at your job the better your memory is the betterconcentration you have the better work you're going to get done and so theseare our five benefits we have anxiety reduction depressionreduction you can it be instilling this amazing relationship with yourselfnumber three with others number four and then holding the skills of memory andconcentration which you'll see on the mat and off the mat and so this is whyor one of the many reasons that we practice yoga please do give it a go andlet me know and have a beautiful day namaste would you like to improve yourstrength and flexibility transform your mind and body learn to make deliciousrecipes and deepen your practice.

The true purpose of yoga

 Sadhguru: Because what is human is not an established state. It is a possibility. It is not a fixed state. If this possibility has to be made use of, there is a whole system of understanding that needs to happen. Understanding the mechanics of how this life functions and what we can do with it. This mechanics, this technology, this science, we are referring to as yoga. I don’t know what types of stuff you’re doing but my experience in United States particularly in California, lot of people believe yoga started in California. (Laughter) Yes. (Laughs) I met somebody who seriously believed it was Madonna who started yoga. (Laughs) Yes. (Laughter) So this mechanics of life this is as simple as this. I am sure almost all of you are carrying an instrument, some kind of electronic instrument, a phone at least, the more you know about this phone, the better you can use it, is that so? Last year, the cell phone companies in India made a survey. India is the largest cell ph... growing market for telecommunications right now. Every month we are adding about five and a half million cell phones. Okay. In a year, about sixty million cell phones are being added to the service because everybody is having three, four, five these days (Laughs) They made a survey (Laughter) that’s a second one, you haven’t read the first one. They made a survey and they have found out that ninety seven percent of the people are using only seven percent of the capabilities that are there in an ordinary phone. I am not talking about the smart phone. I am talking about the dumb phone. In the dumb phone, ninety seven percent of the people are using only seven percent of it’s capabilities. So they were comtemplating, if we remove ninety percent of the electronics, still most people will never know. And we can even give them a five hundred rupee discount. They will be happy; we will happy, you know. May be they have already taken it off, we don’t know. Only if you try to use all of them, all the functions, then you realize something is not working. So in a little gadget you are using only seven percent. This(Referring to oneself) is the gadget. Every damn gadget has come out of this. How much percentage, do you think, are you employing this gadget? Just make a guess. Hmm? How much percentage? Two, five, you are being very generous to yourself. (Laughter) It’s well below one percent , because, for your survival process to conduct your life in the material world, you do not even need one percent of what this is. This is capable of perceiving the whole cosmos. If you prepare it properly, if you hold it, it’s like an antenna. If you hold it in the right position, it can just grasp everything in the existence. It is just that we are doing all kinds of things with it because right now our whole perception of life is limited to the physical nature of the existence. Physical is like the peel of the fruit. It has no purpose of it’s own. In the sense, if you have a fruit, the moment you eat the fruit, the peel goes straight to the trash can, isn’t it? The peel is only a package. Only because the fruit is valuable, package is important. Right now as you sit here, this body is very important. You have to feed this; you have to clothe this; you have to decorate this; you have to pamper this in so many ways. Tomorrow morning, that something inside which you never experienced, if that goes away, nobody wants to have any business with this. Yes? Only because the fruit is inside, this peel has become very valuable. Now yoga means not just about twisting your body; not about standing on your head; not about holding your breath; all these things a circus artist can do better than most yogis. Really, yes or no? You don’t think so? A circus artist can do far better than most yogis in terms of twisting the body, doing this, doing that, holding different positions. That is not the purpose of yoga. Unfortunately if you utter the word yoga, people think you have to be in some impossible posture. Yoga is not about postures; it is just a miniscule aspect of yoga. Yoga means in your experience, everything has become one. The word yoga means union. What is the union? What can unite with what? As you sit here, your idea and your sense and your experience of who you are is very strong. You are here as an individual. But what the trees are exhaling right now, you are inhaling; what you are exhaling, the trees are inhaling. Or in other words, one half of your lung is hanging up there. Yes or no? This is not just in terms of breath. Today modern physics is proving to you, that as you sit here, every sub atomic particle in your body is in constant transaction with everything else in the existence. If this transaction stops, you will cease to exist. So yoga means to know it by experience. Modern science is proving to you the whole existence is just one energy. The religions of the world have been screaming for a long time that god is everywhere; whether you say god is everywhere or you say everything is one energy, are we talking about the same reality or a different reality? God is everywhere, everything is the same energy, are we talking about the same reality or a different reality? Same reality. It is just that a scientist has never experienced this. He has arrived it through mathematical deductions. A religious person has not experienced this. He believes it because it is written somewhere or it is said by somebody. If you are a hard case, that you are not willing to settle for deductions or belief systems then you become a yogi, yes, if you are a very hard nut, you want to know it yourself, then you become a yogi. You want to know the union of the existence; you want to know the oneness of what it is; not believing it. Like you experience the five fingers of your hand, if you can experience everything around you, then we say you are in yoga. 

Health benefits of yoga

 Essentially if your energy body is balanced and fully activated there can be no physical or psychological ailment in you. It’s simply not possible. I can show you hundreds and thousands of people who walked out of their ailments completely, simply, not by any treatment, simply by bringing a certain balance to the system. There are any number of people, it is not some kind of miraculous thing. It is just a deeper understanding of the system and the system is a miracle, there is no question about that. This is a miracle, isn’t it? No? Yes or no? It’s a phenomenal miracle, isn’t it? So the magic is already there. You just have to play with it right. That’s all. You don’t have to do any extra magic. Already everything is magical, isn’t it so in the existence. Yes or no? Every atom is a magic by itself because we have still not figured anything in its entirety. So, very simple, you don’t have to do any great yoga of twisting yourself upside down and all that. Simple things. If you breath right and keep your body in a certain level of balance you will see there is no need to have any kind of ailments. Ailments are of two kinds. One is infectious. Infectious means it’s an invasion from outside., that we have to deal with medicine. For that you must go to the doctor. But over seventy percent of the ailments on the planet are chronic in nature. That means you are producing your own ailments. Self- help this is called (Laughs) because nobody is bothering you; you want to do something to yourself so most over seventy of the ailments are because of self help. People are generating ailments from within. And this cannot be cured by any medicine. You can only manage it. You can never cure it. But the very source of making this body is within us. It comes from within. Your heart, liver, kidney everything is manufactured from within. Isn’t it? If you do certain simple things, if you allow, fixing also happens from within and every human being is capable of this. It is just that they have never paid attention to it. Only advantage is, if you go to a doctor, he will do it. These things you must do, that’s the only problem. (Laughs) 

What yoga does to your body?

 This year is the year that you start doing yoga,and I mean for real this time. You're going to join the36 million-plus Americans who have taken up this beautiful practice, connecting yourself witha millennia-old tradition and helping you flush outthose nasty toxins, or, you know, probably not. Before you grab a mat,here's what yoga really does to your body and brain. First of all, yoga comes inmany, many different styles, but generally speaking, it involves some amount of stretching and meditation. Now, despite what you may have read, there's no scientificevidence to support the idea that yoga will flush outtoxins from your colon or anywhere else. But that doesn't mean these techniques can't help your body in many other ways. Take back pain for instance. An estimated 80% of Americans will suffer from back painat one point in their lives. But one study found that afterjust six to 12 yoga sessions, participants reported significantly less pain in their lower back. That's because certain yoga poses stretch out your hamstrings,which, when they're too tight, can yank on your hip flexorsand strain your lower back. But the more you practice yoga, the more flexible your hamstrings get. For example, in a 2015study, women practiced a type of hatha yoga,which involves positions like downward dog and triangle pose. They practiced 90 minutes each week for around 16 weeks straight. And by the last week, they could reach four centimeters closerto their toes than before thanks to those loose hamstrings. Now, if you're also meditatingduring those yoga sessions, the flexibility mightnot be the only benefit. After seven to 16 weeksof meditative activities, participants in one study saw a huge drop in C-reactive proteins in their blood. Those proteins are linked to inflammation, which, when you're overly stressed, can kick into overdrive. And over time, that inflammation may contribute to serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer. That's where yoga'smeditative qualities can help. Researchers suspect thatyoga may reduce stress by interfering with thecentral nervous system's ability to release stress hormones. Plus, studies show thatmeditation-focused types of yoga, like yoga asana, boostlevels of feel-good hormones like oxytocin in the brain. Plus, yoga is an exercise, and exercise in and ofitself is a stress reliever. In fact, the US Departmentof Health and Human Services recommends two and ahalf to five hours a week of light to moderate exercise. That can include workouts like yoga, brisk walking, or swimming. And to be fair, anyamount of regular exercise is most likely going to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and improvesleep and self-esteem. So while yoga might have an edge in the flexibility departmentand mindfulness department, there are plenty of otheractivities you can try to get fit. But as long as it gets you moving and maybe gives you some new friends, why not give it a try? 


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